Information Leaked – Again

The Windsor Star reported on the Amherstburg Fired Department leak of information in September 2015: Miceli wouldn’t give any specifics but said “the big concern came during the fire (department changeover)” when members of the public knew about, and were bringing up at council meetings, facts that were discussed in closed meetings.

Now the Windsor Star reported about an information leak pertaining to the Windsor Police takeover.

“I’m not going to answer it to these guys,” said Rozankovic. “Let’s not kid ourselves. This is all about the policing issue. This is all about things may not go exactly as they liked. They have promised zero cost to this transition at all five of their town hall meetings, and I can guarantee you this will not be the case. It’s that simple. They’ve got to deal with this issue.”

An ADVISORY BULLETIN REEGARDING CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION was issued by Integrity Commissioner Bruce P. Elman on June 15, 2018.

The Information and Privacy Commission Ontario has a breach of information protocol.