Windsor police escort several Amherstburg senior managers out of town hall

Trevor Wilhelm, Windsor Star reports, in part, “Mayor Aldo DiCarlo confirmed Wednesday that three employees were escorted off town property on Monday. He would not confirm their names or why they were shown the door, but said town lawyer Susan Hirota has been “temporarily assigned” Miceli’s work.”

DiCarlo told the Star that the cancellation of Monday’s council meeting was a coincidence and unrelated to the turmoil.

“There were some report issues in the agenda,” he said. “It wasn’t a huge agenda. But unfortunately, one or two of the more important ones actually had some last minute questions that came up. Without being able to deal with that that night, we just felt like there wasn’t a point to have a meeting that night.”

1 thought on “Windsor police escort several Amherstburg senior managers out of town hall

  1. Curious as to how many items on an agenda on any given meeting night were simply received and not dealt with until more information could be gathered? isnt the reason for public meetings so questions can be asked and answered in public. Since the level of intelligence with Mr Dicarlo is that of someone who refers to HR protocols as employment “stuff” I guess he also is of the mind that no resident has ever worked in HR, never dealt with employee suspensions, never had police officers at their door for a “visit” If this situation was not so extremely serious for the taxpayers of Amherstburg Mr DiCarlo would definitely make it humorous in his portrayal.

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