First Municipal Council Candidate 2022 Declared

The River Town Times reports that Bob Rozankovic has declared his candidacy for Mayor.

The message is stale: accountability and transparency, seniors, youth, pre-amalgamated townships, fiscal responsibility.

Regarding accountability and transparency, Rozankovic stated, “Personally ensuring that council lives up to these words is predicated on completely understanding what must, by law, be discussed in-camera, and always insisting that as much as possible be debated in public. We must be respectful of our taxpayers.”

Rozankovic was a member of the Joint Police Advisory Committee (JPAC) when it excluded the public to discuss the policing RFP on the four occasions, once as the mover to go in camera, when the Ombudsman concluded: Failing to comply with these terms of reference was wrong under s. 21(1)(d) of the Ombudsman Act. The discussion about the request for proposals did not fit within the “security of the property” exception or any of the exceptions provided in the Local Boards/Committees – Terms of Reference.

At its inaugural meeting, JPAC “determined that the OPP costing process is not feasible” although council’s motion was to obtain an OPP costing.

According to the hired consultant, MPM Consulting, “The Committee has determined that the first phase of the project must begin with the community consultations identified in section 6.4 of the mandate.”

Section 6.4: “To conduct community consultations to solicit feedback,             identifying community needs & expectations and to inform Council of the identified needs and expectations as collected during the process.”

MPM Consulting advised the JPAC he would like to prepare a rough draft of the RFP to present to the committee before public consultation.

The public was not consulted until after the recommendation that Windsor Police was viable; their proposal had not been disclosed to the public and was only obtained following an Information and Privacy Commission Ontario Appeal.

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