Lobbying In Amherstburg Part 1

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines special interest: a person or group seeking to influence legislative or government policy to further often narrowly defined interests especially : LOBBY

Councillor Patricia Simone was asked, it has been reported that you have hosted several roundtable discussions for non-profit agencies; do you consider this a special interest?

Councillor Simone’s response: The roundtable discussions are meetings hosted to bring non-profit organizations together, and together they discuss different topics. The meeting participants lead the meeting, contribute to agenda items and work together to complete any task/item they feel necessary. For example, the groups recorded videos about their organizations that was shared on social media and posted to youtube.

The Windsor Police Service Board  AGENDA May 2021 lists a delegation; on behalf of A.C.T (Amherstburg Community Team) they provided Background Information information on the group, crediting Councillor Patricia Simone for inviting groups to the first Round Table Discussion Group in December 2019.

The group attached the following letters requesting Windsor Police to waive the fees associated with vulnerable sector criminal record checks; seven mentioned a community roundtable hosted by Amherstburg Councillor Patricia Simone.

2nd Amherstburg Scout Group
Dawn Martinello

Amherstburg Soccer Club
Terry Sawchuk

Amherstburg-Harrow Catholic Family of Parishes
Julie Gauthier

Skate Amherstburg
Lynn Fox

Bryerswood Youth Camp
Kathi Poupard

The Amherstburg Chamber of Commerce
Nika Laurin

Amherstburg Community Services
Kathy DiBartolomeo

the house youth centre
Natalyn Brouillard

St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church
Tim Reddish

Amherstburg Minor Hockey
Marc Renaud

Lighthouse Church
Dr. Adrian Ninaber

Safe Families Windsor-Essex
Joanne Fear

Rotary Club of Amherstburg
John Sutton

The Gathering
Mariette Prinsloo

Amherstburg Community Church
Brandon Cousineau

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