Lobbying in Amherstburg Part 2 THRIVE

There are no rules about lobbying in Amherstburg; the town did not enact a lobbyist registry.

THRIVE! Amherstburg was advertising for new members.

Is it a lobby group?

May 11, 2021, the Windsor Star reported, New lobby group aims at bettering Amherstburg; “We’ve told council we will be before them many times,” Peddie said. “We’re going to push them.”

RTT January 12, 2022 They reject the label “lobbyists,” instead preferring the view that THRIVE is “championing” initiatives for Amherstburg. 

What is “Lobbying”?

The municipality of Vaughn defines lobbying:

Any communication with a public office holder by an individual who represents a business or financial interest with the goal of trying to influence any legislative action, including, but not exclusively, development, introduction, passage, defeat, amendment or repeal of a bylaw, motion, resolution or the outcome of a decision on any matter before Council or a Committee of Council, or staff member acting under delegated authority.

Am I a lobbyist? Vaughn provides a quiz to find out; a flowchart can also be downloaded.

Does THRIVE charge a membership fee? 

Initially, membership fees were $50.00 for an individual.

According to the January 12, 2022 RTT article, membership is now free.

What is it? 

An October 13, 2021 Law Times News article featuring a $12000.00 donation by the Peddies to the Windsor Law Centre for Cities states, The centre has collaborated with Richard Peddie numerous times in the past, including by supporting the launch of Thrive Amherstburg, a placemaking council that he co-founded with Lauri Brouyette, a business developer.

Is it transparent?

People are encouraged to use the feedback form on the website. In October 2021, I submitted questions:

Does your organization not have an Accessibility Policy? A Conflict of Interest for Board Directors Policy? By-laws? Are you aware your website has some accessibility issues?

No responses were received.

A list of Board of Directors is posted, however, so people have the option of supporting/not supporting those involved if they wish.

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