Scott Kendell Answers Dr. Lloyd Brown-John’s Questions

Dr. C. Lloyd Brown-John’s Questions To The Candidates were posted on September 18, 2014, although no answers would be published until after the Chamber of Commerce candidate event to avoid any possibility of some candidates not doing their independent research.

Although the Chamber of Commerce may not have used them, two councillor candidates answered the questions; Scott Kendell’s answers are below and Glenn Swinton’s are in a separate post.

Question: What is “Transparency” in municipal financial management terms?
Question: What is “Accountability”?
Question: What is a “Budget”?
Question: What is the Municipal Assessment “Mill Rate”? What is Amherstburg’s current residential Mill Rate? Supplemental Question: What is the Name of the Agency Responsible for municipal property assessments?
Question: What is Council’s role in respect to Infrastructure Municipal Debenture funding?

Transparency In order to maintain trust to the public it is important that procedures and policies are clearly set out and accessible to everyone, and that the day to day operations are transparent.

Accountability Policies that are followed in regards to sale of lands, goods and services provided to the municipality. When how and where Information is provided upfront to the public.

Operating budgets are for municipal expenses salary’s, utilities maintenance of buildings etc. Capital budgets provide for infrastructure new and in future new facilities equipment repair construction etc.  and its financing.

Municipal mill rate is the tax rate at one thousands of currency unit. Property tax, The amount of tax per dollar of accessed value of said property. Amherstburg’s current residential mill rate is Municipal 0.00881967,County 0.00447203 Education 0.00203000   The agency’s name is MPAC

Councils role is to represent the public and develop and implement policies as required to maintain financial integrity of the municipalities for long term commitments or projects of value to same.

Scott Kendell Answers Questions 34 to 37

Scott Kendell’s answers are:

34.  Two CAOs Pay?
I did not think that hiring a CAO with the old council was in the best interest of Amherstburg but then again the question remains why are these decisions being made so close to an election?

There should be a transition period between new council and CAO and also Mr. Phipps with the new CAO  that would be in the best interest of Amherstburg. In regards to the wages for same if it is part of contract that is binding Amherstburg must honor, Let’s move Amherstburg in a more positive direction.

35.  Development Fees Collected?
Everybody has to pay there fair share no favoritism, You have to have a set of rules and contracts that are agreed upon before starting any project and people that understand the consequences so they are protecting the interest of the town of Amherstburg. On the other side of promoting Amherstburg for future growth you could have incentives for developers to invest in the new Amherstburg. “Let’s build a new Amherstburg together”

36.  Special Development Deals?
I would be shocked if there was special deals made but not surprised. This is a good area for transparency The developer is to shoulder all costs to hook into services roads sidewalks etc. and provide a written binding agreement  for the same. That is signed by appropriate  departments and approved by council. Nobody rides for free. Maybe a ward system committee  made up of island residents would be beneficial to island residents where they can have fire , police, healthcare, clinic, ambulance, ferry service that they pay for to service their own needs as they see fit. With the size of the island and the growth they are seeing they will need to address these issues sooner rather than later, One mans dream should not cost us anything more than the original agreement that was signed when given various permits.

37.  Where Are Our Voter Notifications?I received mine last week, I was questioning where it was also from what I understand he is trying to help out the town of Amherstburg just for this election and would like to thank him for his efforts under the circumstances.

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Scott Kendell Answers Questions 31 And 32

Scott Kendell’s answers are:

Question 31:  Post Amalgamation Benefits
I will do the best I can to serve the whole of Amherstburg. I owned a house and small business  in Malden and Anderdon when amalgamation took place, and I am very familiar with resident’s and business concerns in regards to that problem, I can’t promise anything but to work hard for the people of all of Amherstburg I want what is best for the town of Amherstburg and All its citizens.

Question 32:  Commit To Kingsbridge Improvements

Kingsbridge development  I walk roundtrip every day 4.7 km from 581 front road north to texas road to Knobhill  past Pat Thrasher park to Whelan drive to front road, nice sidewalk lots of people use it daily but a lot of cul-de-sac’s poor planning when site plan was approved early nineties, There  is only a partial plan 5 in the middle. On the north west side between Whelan and Pat Thrasher park The Kingsbridge development is big enough to establish a committee of people that live within to best see what kind of retail commercial zoning and what best will suit that area as it is needed. Just a thought but some retirement assisted living maybe Tied in with an affordable retirement home health care on The Anderdon Tavern property could be an option. We need to embrace The boomers in the future.

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Scott Kendell Answers Question 30 Re Electronic Polling

Scott Kendell’s answer is:

Sorry If I am late on my reply. I have been busy making and installing signs through Amherstburg, Last Wednesday I placed 2 signs one on end of creek rd. and #20 at big creek and 4th concession   and #20  Township property. Yesterday afternoon Saturday OCT 4, I took my grandson to check on a few signs along the river and straighten them out from the pounding wind when we drove up to creek road and 4th concession both signs missing completely. Are you kidding me The way I build them and pound them, there is no way the wind made them disappear. To the P brain or supporter who took them That is not very accountable It is Time For Change in this beautiful Town. Electronic or phone voting has been around since the 1990 s in Ontario it has had it’s share of problems but the kinks have been worked out. If this provides for people of a municipality to have a voice and Democracy at a level that everyone has easy access to it then I welcome it.

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Scott Kendell Answers Question 22 Re Fraserville Mosquito Issue

Scott Kendell’s answer is:

I am well aware of the area I live around the corner on front road north. I walk 40-60 km a week and spray with  at least 26% deet at various times when the mosquitoes are aggressive, I  also own a piece of property just south of Fraserville on Thomas road in the middle of Honeywell waste ponds and feel with the proper remediation of the Amherstburg land holdings [Honeywell]  property There is excellent opportunities’ to develop a much needed well serviced Industrial park. Honeywell has treated the standing water issue when needed  through GDG Environmental and will continue for the next 2 years.

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Scott Kendell Answers Question 21 Re Political Party Affiliation

Scott Kendell’s answer is:


Question 21:  Are you now, or have you ever been officially affiliated with, employed by, fundraised for or held a position with any political party (provincial or federal) in the last 10 years?  Is your campaign staff comprised of, or directly affiliated with, a political party? (not interested in which political party you support with your vote on election day)

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Scott Kendell Answers Question 19 Re Infrastructure and Services For All of Amherstburg

Scott Kendell’s answer is:

As we sit Infrastructure that is a direct liability example drinking water unsafe dangerous roads  bridges and sidewalks where safety and litigation is a concern should be taken care of first. Maintenance of all infrastructure to prolong its life is very important. Taxes and debenture funding if required for repair and maintenance. I agree not to sell shares to Essex power. The town of Amherstburg needs to go back to simple budget envelopes to pay off debt and consolidate all debt with a definite plan of attack on how much is actually owed, I have heard of 35 million to 70 million its funny even after the audit nobody knows the real number. The town needs a vision for the future Like 10 years and beyond for the financial and well being of everybody. Amherstburg won’t become insolvent but if they did, the shares would be shared by secured creditors.

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Scott Kendell Answers Questions 14 Re Flooding and 15 Re 67 Million Debt

Scott Kendell’s answers are:

Question 14. Flooding
When you receive 4″ of rain in short period of time storm sewers are overwhelmed you would need bigger storm retention ponds in subdivisions With relief pumps. I am not an engineer but I am sure somebody will figure it out because the flooding situation is occurring more and more every year. If you build it they will come if you service it properly they will stay.

Question 15. 67 Million Debt
Poor management left hand does not know what right hand is doing, Or better yet ignores it. Up to date financials. Absolute necessity. Long term financial plan to service, reduce debt. Town needs to maintain infrastructure. Repair and improvements are essential to growth, Act on the needs and question the wants.

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Scott Kendell Answers Question 13 Re Police Contract

Scott Kendell, a newly registered candidate, is the first one to answer Question 13: I think that with all contracts that are ending, that the clause should be ending also. Negotiations between employer and police force should not be automatic or grandfathered in I am only aware of the clause through the Windsor star a couple of years ago when there was talk of a switch to the OPP I think a severance of 2 weeks for every year worked is the standard, when I received my papers 18 years ago. I hope the contract is not resigned before a new council is in place.