Stephen Mickle Answers Question 39 Straightforward Answer Sought Re CAO

Question 39:
I have already answered this question. Mr. Phipps goodbye. When he went on vacation who took his place? Dean Collver. Was he trained, qualified? Seems to me the last 5 CAO’s had no on the job training. The only thing the new people need to do is get familiar with the people and area. And with the small Town office and daily meeting s that should bring up to speed very quickly. This is a mid sized Town not a metropolis.

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Stephen Mickle Answers Questions 34 To 38

34.  Two CAOs Pay?
I thought and still think that new council should of hired the new CAO. You let Phipps go plain and simple. The new man is either qualified or not. With tight reins on the treasury, we do not have the money anyways, The new CAO will either do the right thing or wrong. And we will have to judge his performance in 6 months for a review and go from there. Lets make one thing clear.  There is only one path for us to go and that is to clean our house and get it in order!!! And his salary will be made public. We know he is on the sunshine list and there should be nothing to hide, TRANSPARENCY.

35.  Development Fees Collected?
All will have to be reviewed. Deals have already been made. If Mr. Amicone cannot honor his business transactions and be an upstanding citizen like others in our town, then it will become clear. If the Town has again entered into arrangements where the ROI(Return on Investment) is 50 years away then we should not have signed our tax dollars away again. The island is exclusive and all buyers on the island are aware of the issues when buying. If we need to resolve tax issues then the islanders or developer must pay. The Town(Corporation) will honor its legal obligations and will work with developers if we the tax payer can afford it.

36.  Special Development Deals?
Proper terms of agreements and streamlined Policies having all the same Procedures in them. So no developer has special interest over the other plain and simple. All development should have sidewalks. It is insane to me to think we hear everyone wanting bike trails and handicap accessibility when new development has no sidewalks.

37.  Where Are Our Voter Notifications?
My wife and I have but my son or father did not. All at the same house. It is always typical that they blame someone else. This is what will change in the future.

38.  Preferential Treatment?
Equality, plain and simple. There is a reason Bylaws and Committees are made. It is to bring specialists in there fields and concerned citizens of the day to review such things and approve or disapprove depending on the circumstances and there directive from the Bylaws and law. Once you do this an equal approach is taken. Once you allow individuals special treatment the validity of the committee and Bylaws are thrown out the window.

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Stephen Mickle Answers Questions 31 And 32

Stephen Mickle’s answer is:

Question 31:  Post Amalgamation Benefits
Ward system. I here all this nonsense that we cannot afford it? We cannot afford to be without it! McGregor Lagoons, etc. Seems that we have been out of touch with the residents of McGregor, Anderdon. Malden and River Canard ever since amalgamation.

Question 32:  Commit To Kingsbridge Improvements
Poor planning. We pay for the infrastructure for these subdivisions and there always seems to be lack of planning? By the Developer or the Town or both. The return on investment takes to long. All new development should have sidewalks and 2 ways in and out. Parking is also an issue. Roads identified in the Master Plan say :
As identified in the Master Plan, all roads through the Subdivision are 20.0m-wide
I do not know if people know what 20 meters is? That”s almost 65 feet.  Look all we can do is work with the Developer and residents and make sure that things are worked out. If there are entrepreneurs in the area, there is opportunity for neighborhood destinations. As far as schools that has to be worked out with School boards. And proper land allocation.

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Stephen Mickle Answers Question 30 Re Electronic Polling

Stephen Mickle’s answer is:

Yes I would support it. But 60% would need to be using and answering the polls.
And not quite sure how we would get over the residence issue on it?
We live in a democratic society. The main issues should be polled.
It gives you more info in which to make better judgements. It appears that in the past this tool should have been used numerous times. If you can get public opinion, (our community), is all behind an issue it makes for better buy in.

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Stephen Mickle Answers Questions 16, 18, 19, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29

Stephen Mickle’s answers are:

16.  Tourism Or Employment
Fulltime Industrial and Commercial business is needed, plain and simple. With there investment we may be able to continue subsidizing the fine tourist events in the past. We will always have and continue to receive tourists in our great Town.

18.  Eliminate Police Contract Poison Pill Clause
We seriously need to negotiate this out of the contract.

19.  Prioritize/Fund Infrastructure
Priorities to any infrastructure projects must come on a long term plan. They also have to be part of our accessibility of funds.

  • Emerging competition for financial resources;
  • New sources and paths to infrastructure investment performance data;
  • Connections between business cases and project funding;
  • Automating the business case evaluation process;
  • Feeding the data needs of Mayors, Service Commissioners, Sustainability Managers, Resiliency Officers, and Budget Directors through Resiliency Dashboards; and
  • Practical application of tools aimed at filling the information gap between project proponents and project stakeholders and financiers.

A host of things need to be in place and then we still need our portion of these funds.

I agree that we should not have sold the shares in ESSEX POWER CORP.

We will not become insolvent or bankrupt. But we need to look at all programs and cut where we can.

25.  Hotel Needed?
We absolutely need a Hotel. We are not getting return on investment on anything we do in the Town. All visitors are spending there money elsewhere and not here. We are only getting a fraction of the money that should be staying in our Town. If we enrich our business’s we give relief to the taxpayer. We have subsidized other ventures so I cannot see why we cannot look into something here as well.

26.  Support Nuisance Program for Fraserville?
I agree to better methods and continued larvicide, as I live in Fraserville. They are quite uncomfortable. This will, unfortunately be an ongoing problem. With the settling ponds and leakage from them, being pumped back, there will always be ponding and now the onset of salt mosquitoes from the brine it seems that a more intense program is needed. Possibly when these ponds get capped and leakage stops and control of the standing water?

27.  Procedure To Handle Concerns From Fellow Citizens
We have staff to serve the whole community. If asked any questions from citizens they will get the answers. They are suppose to be qualified at what they are doing. So they should have or know the answers. And if we cannot get it immediately. most definitely be followed up with. I am accountable and so is staff. Together we will serve the public.

28.  Ward System Better Serve The Residents?
I supported the ward system in 2010 and I support it now. The reasons have been obvious.

29.  Commit To No Public Funds On Barriers; Inclusion.
Another policy really necessary? We have to follow the laws on this already. The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act advises that we have a committee comprised of mostly people with disabilities. And we can join another municipality or multiple municipalities for a joint committee. I suggest that we listen to our committee and there advice to complete what needs to be accomplished with in the legal parameters given by the law.

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