the burg watch was started shortly after the first year of town council’s term (2010-2014); it will be a record of how well the Mayor, Councillors, and staff have performed.

this blog will also serve as a reference before ballots are cast in the next municipal election just in case some issues are not mentioned along with all the campaign promises.

the burg watch will consist of news highlights with links to full stories and the occasional commentary.

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  1. The chart you have created to show the voting patterns of The Gang of Four should be published in the River Town Times or even better, the Windsor Star and also the letter “Give Phipps His walking Papers”. Are we paying his salary plus the new CAO’s at the same time. The tax payers need to fire Phipps, he’s ripped the town off enough in my opinion. Linda Saxon’s article on Diane Pouget being the best candidate for councillor should be read by all voters who want the truth.

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