Flip Flops

Adding posts to this page when elected officials flip flop on issues.

Councillor Crain’s Flip Flop On Open Air Barriers

@LindenCrain, remember this campaign question? Will you remove barriers during Open Air weekends that block people with disabilities from driving to the bank, local stores, bars, and generally driving through town? Crain’s answer: “Yes. It is important that all members of the community can experience…

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Did Councillor McArthur Flip Flop on Accessibility?

I’m calling Councillor McArthur’s attitude about accessibility issues a flip flop. Councillor McArthur commented during the discussion of Councillor Pouget’s December 12, 2022 motion regarding accounts payable being placed back on public agendas. McArthur said he would caution against one option because that’s kind of…

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