Politician threatens lawsuit over businessman’s Facebook musings

DOUG SCHMIDT, WINDSOR STAR reported on November 3, 2015 “An Amherstburg politician who once successfully sued his town for a half-million dollars after tripping on a sidewalk threatened to sue a constituent over alleged defamatory postings on Facebook.”

A photo of Councillor Rick Fryer is attached to the article.

Mayor Aldo DiCarlo commented that politicians should expect to be criticized by the people they represent and that such criticism can range from mild to offensive.

Financial Review Complete

A presentation was made at last night’s council meeting and as reported in the Windsor Star, the report was posted on the town’s website today.

From Julie Kotsis’ article: Coun. Diane Pouget wanted to set a date for a meeting to allow the public to comment on the report but withdrew her motion after several councillors said it would take time to digest the report.

Hurst said that first meeting with Deloitte would not be public. But afterward outside council chambers when asked by resident Rick Fryer if the meeting should be public, Brindle said yes.

“I would suggest it would be an open meeting, a public meeting,” Brindle said.

Selling Off Asset

Council has to decide if it will accept or decline a $12M offer to purchase its share of Essex Power Corp. Read the full story in the The Windsor Star.

With the town facing an estimated $44 million debt, residents could face a double-digit tax increase this year as the town begins to come to grips with the shortfall; but what created the shortfall and where is the plan to address it, aside from a temporary fix?