Comparing Amherstburg To Other Municipalities: Accessibility Committee Applications

How will council appoint applicants on January 23 pursuant to the AODA 2005 if they are unaware of applicants’ eligibility? Section 29 (3) of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act 2005 states: ‘A majority of the members of the committee shall be persons with disabilities.  2005, c. 11, s. 29 (3).’ Amherstburg advertised, ‘A majority of the members…

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Comparing Amherstburg To Other Municipalities: Candidates’ Questions

Are candidate and third party advertiser questions to administration disclosed to the public? I received two different answers when I requested the same information from Amherstburg and Toronto. Amherstburg: I requested information, without revealing the source, to post to the burg watch blog. Answer from CAO Critchley: Please file a Freedom of Information Request for this…

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Comparing Amherstburg To Other Municipalities

How do other municipalities deal with issues affecting residents? I plan to find out and create a series of posts making comparisons. Through Administrative reports to council, municipalities are compared for wage increases, voting methods and the recently debated accounts payable on the agenda motion.

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