Hurst Will Not Run Again

Hurst announced his plans tonight at the Verdi Club. According to Julie Kotsis’ article on The Windsor Star blog, Hurst threw a few punches at what he called a misinformed few (who are) misleading people to think the town is corrupt.

He wouldn’t be the first mayor in Amherstburg to criticize those who voice concerns about civic matters.

Councillor Pouget Accused Of Harassment

anne jarvis, the windsor star, reports that in 2011, McTague Law Firm investigated and reported its findings to Hurst, cited as the person who had witnessed the harassment. Citing allegations that Pouget is demanding and critical of top town staff and testy emails by her, the report concluded that Pouget had been harassing staff.

The article continued that the report also included, “These same councillors also indicated that they found it ironic that I was appointed to investigate an allegation of workplace harassment against Councillor Pouget when they feel it is you (Hurst) that is engaging in workplace harassment by the manner in which you communicate in council meetings.”

According to Jarvis, the investigation was never approved by council and it cost more than $16,000, according to public accounts.

Hurst in Macleans’ Lousy Mayors Article

Amherstburg’s Mayor Wayne Hurst was mentioned in a MACLEANS Magazine article, “Canada’s Lousy Mayors” 

“His re-election platform includes a pledge for a downtown public marina, but he refuses to divulge how it will be financed. “I don’t need to tell you how I’m going to pay for it,” says Hurst, who’s seeking a fourth term. “It’s my vision. I have a vision and I see it taking place in downtown Amherstburg.” A nice vision it may be, but it’s an odd one, considering Amherstburg couldn’t afford the marina it owned: months ago, it closed on the sale of the municipally owned Ranta Marina for $584,000, following years of controversy.”