Donald McArthur 2022 Campaign Platform

CBC News

What are the top issues facing your municipality? Economic Development: Amherstburg needs more people to pay for the things we share, like roads and recreational amenities. That growth will accelerate a commercial boom, creating jobs and shopping choices so more money is spent in Amherstburg, generating a cycle of prosperity. We need to attract clean industrial development to broaden our tax base. I support a Community Improvement Plan that empowers council to incentivize developments that benefit the town.

Duffy’s: We must restore public access to Duffy’s as soon as possible. I support an extension of King’s Navy Yard Park that includes a transient marina and fishing wharf.

Quality of life: We need more recreational amenities, especially for youth and seniors. I support more pickle ball, basketball and tennis courts, a public boat ramp, the expansion of our active transportation network and the finalization of a Libro Master Plan that includes a pool.

Heritage platform.