Diane Pouget 2022 Campaign Platform

Campaign literature:

Aims and goals

  • To regain the loss of trust by many of our taxpayers.
  • To reinstate council’s obligation to listen to our residents and regain control to govern our town in a fair and responsible manner. 
  • To pay down our debt and reimburse our reserves that are at risk. 
  • To reinstate accounts payable on agendas for public viewing.
  • To stop all unadvertised dinners with Council and administration at taxpayers’ expense prior to council meetings.
  • To reinstate the audit and finance committee’s duties and give them the respect they deserve. 
  • To actively pursue industrial and commercial development to provide jobs and supplement our tax base. 
  • To promote a cleaner and healthier environment for our residents.
  • To set up a fair and democratic process for public input prior to budget deliberations to identify concerns of our residents especially in our rural areas formerly known as Malden or Anderdon, regarding our seniors, the destruction of our 4 parks, tennis courts, Malden gazebo, poor condition of their roads, insufficient notification of zoning changes and/ or development, possible removal of their fire hall, total disrepair of former Duffy’s property and Bellevue.
  • To stop the out of control spending. 
  • To follow the recommendations of KPMG Auditors and the Ombudsman’s office, after receiving violations regarding our finances and in camera meetings.
  • To ensure that council understands that we are your voice and we are working for you.

CBC News What are the top issues facing your municipality? I believe the issues our municipality are facing are numerous and serious in nature. There appears to be a lack of trust and lack of leadership. Our rural neighbours feel left out and they believe most of the tax dollars are being spent on the downtown core.Our Golden Age Club have not been treated with the respect they deserve, the destruction of our four parks, tennis courts, Malden gazebo, poor condition of our roads, some still with gravel and total disrepair of Belleview and the former Duffy’s property are some of the serious concerns of our taxpayers.