Amherstburg Police Services Board’s Decision Re Cheap Silver Police Retirement Badge


Mayor DiCarlo confirmed that it was a Board decision to provide a cheap silver retirement badge to Sgt. Jim Saxon and he did anticipate it might be an issue. Nothing changed.

Two sets of badges were ordered – one in silver for all retiring officers in 2013/2014 and another in gold for everyone but Sgt. Saxon.

As of November 18, 2014, APSB members were John Sutton, Frank Cleminson, Pauline Gemmell and Wayne Hurst.

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Now Three Months Awaiting Answers From Councillor Simone

Councillor Simone promised ‘to be available to answer any questions you may have’ during her 2018 campaign to become a councillor, repeated in A Look Back – Candidate Patricia Simone.

Simone has still not answered questions from March 16; on March 28, she said she would review the questions and respond as soon as possible about Simone’s Notice of Motion To Redefine Town Name.

As mentioned in Mayor DiCarlo Responds for Councillor Simone, questions were not answered.

A Look Back – Candidate Patricia Simone

We had ‘A Look Back’ at Aldo DiCarlo, who is not seeking re-election; now let’s take a look back at candidate Patricia Simone and her SimoneforAburg site.

My Pledge to Amherstburg included:

  • Elected official must direct town employees and administration toward the objectives of the residents. As your elected official, I promise that the taxpayers’ agenda will govern my decisions and I will stand up for the community at town hall.
  • Discussion with elected representatives is important. As your elected official, I promise to be available to answer any questions you may have.
  • Transparency:
    • I believe in open government that communicates with its residents.
    • Information should be readily available.
    • Notice of meetings and proceedings at town hall should be better advertised.
    • We need live streaming of council meetings for those who cannot attend at town hall.
    • I will conduct a complete review of our communication processes to ensure our residents are getting the information they need.

Simone’s other page, My Platform includes:


Resident consultation committees have been eliminated. This is the wrong way to go. We need more consultation with residents, not less. I will support the creation of consultation committees that invite input from residents, while maintaining that the final decision-making authority remain in the hands of the elected Council.

Amherstburg Vote 2022

New Clerk Becomes New CAO

Amherstburg’s town clerk, Valerie Critchley, hired in October of 2021 has become the town’s new CAO, following the sudden departure of CAO Peter Simmons.

Mayor Aldo DiCarlo is quoted in the town’s media release, “We are fortunate to have this exceptionally talented CAO on our team and convinced Valerie will successfully lead the way during these exciting times of growth and development.”

Mayor Aldo DiCarlo is quoted in the town’s media release on the hiring of CAO Peter Simmons, “Council has agreed that Mr. Simmons has everything needed to lead Amherstburg into its next exciting chapter and made a unanimous decision to appoint him in this role.” 

What happened?

Amherstburg Council Meeting a Rude Awakening

You might recall the post Decorum, Please! where I shared my observations about council and the town’s Accessibility Advisory Committee meetings.

The Legion was added as a fourth delegate in the Supplementary Agenda for tonight’s meeting but was invited to be first up.

Second, AMA Sportsmens’ Association rep, who could benefit from disability etiquette: twice he used the outdated and offensive “handicap.”

Third, Nancy Atkinson, Amherstburg Taxpayers Association about the audit.

Fourth, former Councillor Diane Pouget about the town’s credit rating.

Councillor McArthur debated with Pouget and Mayor DiCarlo ended up pounding the gavel and reminding Pouget of the time limit.

Of all the elected officials’ behaviour we sit through, it’s ridiculous that delegates’ democratic input is restricted to 5 minutes; especially considering the soccer club’s delegation was 18 minutes, followed by a 48 minute Q and A for a total of 66 minutes.

Vote October 24, 2022

OPP Policing Costs Compared

Maybe OPP policed communities can better afford providing services like Tecumseh’s new pickleball courts.

The Tecumseh Police Services Board 2022 Proposed Budget of November 9, 2021 includes comparative policing costs 2020: all OPP policed Essex county municipalities pay less. The budget notes:

For Amherstburg’s 2021 population of 23,524:

Per Capita Cost $282
Per Household Cost $567
% of Total Expenses 13.63%

For Tecumseh’s 2021 population of 23,300:

Per Capita Cost $163
Per Household Cost $419
% of Total Expenses 10.54%

Also of interest; cklw’s story: POLICING COSTS EXPECTED TO DROP IN TECUMSEH IN 2022.

Tecumseh’s New Pickleball Complex

The Windsor Star article reports: The Zekelman Pickleball Complex officially welcomed players for the first time Thursday at the grand opening of a new 10-court facility in Tecumseh.

The $750,000 complex at Lacasse Park was the result of a partnership between the town and the Tecumseh Pickleball Association (TPA) along with a naming-rights donation of $100,000 by the Stephanie and Barry Zekelman Foundation.

Copyright Reminder

I can’t believe it’s necessary to bring this up again. I, Linda Saxon, own the copyright to all text and photos on this blog, unless otherwise noted, and none is to be copied without my permission.

There are still those who believe just because something is on the internet, it’s ok to take it; it’s not, it’s called theft.

Councillor Candidates’ Contact Info Will Be Available

Valerie Critchley, town clerk, emailed, “As Candidates provide us with their Campaign phone numbers and email addresses, we will be adding these to the site. I believe we were provided with that information for the two candidates that have filed to date last week and the website will be updated.”

I had advised that having to visit the town hall to inspect the nomination papers to obtain that information is a barrier to persons with disabilities. 

Now everyone benefits; that’s what inclusive means.

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Amherstburg Town Hall Displays Wheelchair Access Symbols

Amherstburg town hall displays the inaugural Essex County Accessibility Flag for National AccessAbility Week along with the ‘accessible entrance at back’ lawn sign.

The 54 year old wheelchair access symbol was intended to indicate access. A more inclusive symbol to display on a flag would be the Hidden Disability Symbol Canada.

amherstburg town hall accessibility flag with access at rear lawn sign

WANTED: Councillor Candidates And Their Contact Info

Personally, I’d like to have five new councillors on Amherstburg town council.

There are no councillor candidates yet on the uncertified list for the upcoming 2022 election, although candidates have until August 19 to register. We’ll need time to sort through those that make sincere promises that are achievable and those that spew the usual rhetoric.

Getting to know the candidates might be a bit easier if their contact information was also published on the town’s website; Lakeshore and Tecumseh both post it – wouldn’t that be a good start to accountability and transparency?