Will you remove barriers during Open Air weekends that block people with disabilities from driving to the bank, local stores, bars, and generally driving through town?

The second candidate to answer:

Yes Linda, I am definitely in favor of removing barriers for people with disabilities during Open Air.  The fact that 51% of the businesses in the downtown core want the closure of streets for 3 days on weekends and 4 days on long weekends from May to September is unreasonable and unfair.  This is especially true, since 49% claim that Open Air hurts their business, especially their clients with disability issues.  Further to that, the taxpayers are footing the bill to hurt our most vulnerable residents.  It was disappointing to learn that only one person with a disability was consulted. This is unfair and must be revisited.

the burg watch questionnaire sent September 9; third to answer September 25.

Do you anticipate having to declare any pecuniary interest? 

I believe I will once again have to declare a conflict of interest for BelleVue and possibly Windsor Policing.

What does ‘accessible’ mean to you?

Accessible means barrier free.  It also means available parking close to businesses with wider parking spaces.  Today, there were sandwich boards and chairs on the sidewalks on Richmond (Book store) and on Dalhousie.  These barriers are not allowed.  It means availability for all people to enter stores and businesses with no obstructions.  All doors should be automatic.  In short, it means all necessary steps should be taken to welcome all people.

What community groups do you belong to?

I belong to St. John the Baptist Church and the Amherstburg Taxpayers Association.

What three things would you do to prove the town is committed to Open Government?

I would stop the secret dinners with staff and council.

I would lobby for a decrease regarding in-camera meetings. A council may go in-camera for certain things, but they don’t have to.  They are only obligated to go in-camera for personnel matters, litigation or possible litigation, sale or purchase of land and security.

I would waive the rules of order, if someone wished to address Council.

Who should determine priorities for the town?

Council should determine priorities of the Town based on feedback from our residents.

How will you contribute to maintaining decorum at council and committee meetings?

Committee members and the public should go through the chair before speaking.

How will you ensure the Boards and Committees Appointment Policy is adhered to?

All of the resumes should be submitted in confidence to Council.  Council must appoint the board and committee members without interference from administration.

How will you demonstrate that your decision making reflects the interests of the community as a whole?

All of my motions will be made in advance and will be open to scrutiny.

What civic engagement methods should the town implement? 

Meetings should be held before budget deliberations and any changes that could affect the operation of the Town.

When did the town hold consultations regarding the proposed Libro Trail?

I was not aware of any final discussions regarding this matter.

What would you do to change the timeframe for the posting of council and committee minutes?

I believe the public needs at least a 3 day time frame to appear before Council and committee meetings.

Are you aware of the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy implications of the use of social media?

Yes, I am aware of this.

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