Will you remove barriers during Open Air weekends that block people with disabilities from driving to the bank, local stores, bars, and generally driving through town?

Hey Linda,

I love Open Air Weekends, my family partakes every weekend for sure. I will be honest after going door to door my eyes have been opened up to a great deal of problems in our town that I was unaware of. Open air has many positives and negatives. I think the blockades that they created this year allow better parking for the majority. We could make it more accessible for people with disabilities by blocking off the waterfront parking area specifically for them allowing closer access to amenities. I also believe that open air is wonderful but should only be one day instead of 3. Many residents say that it is more of a nuisance trying to get to their bank, business, home etc. Business owners have stated that their business has actually done worse during these hours because lack of access to the area. I think having it one day would be a fair compromise and make it still an event for people to come and enjoy.

the burg watch questionnaire sent September 9; first to answer September 11.

Do you anticipate having to declare any pecuniary interest?  

No, I do not expect to declare any pecuniary interest from this campaign. I have so far had the support from my family. I am paying for a lot of the campaign. I am trying to do everything on a budget and doing a lot of the work myself. My first signs were homemade! 

What does ‘accessible’ mean to you?  

Accessible to me means gaining access, making sure everyone has the ability to participate. This is not Solely for people with disabilities. This means making sure everyone has access to the same amenities. Rural and Urban, young and old, Car owners and walkers. Everyone should be able to participate in the amenities provided. 

What community groups do you belong to?  

Currently I volunteer for W.R.A.C.E. which is a not-for-profit that helps organize running/walking events across essex county. It’s an amazing group of people and 100% of profits go back to our local community. I also assist on the Windsor Ultimate board which is an Ultimate Frisbee league. This is located in Windsor in the summer months and at the Amherstburg Libro Centre in the winter months. This fall will be our second session of providing a youth league. Some of my best friendships have come from this organization, it’s an amazing sport and now being able to provide it for children is a dream come true for my husband and I. 

What three things would you do to prove the town is committed to Open Government?  

Transparency – I pride myself in being honest. I would try and make discussions more accessible for residents and try and keep our council meeting minutes easily readable and displayed. I think some form of social media would be a great way to inform the residents what we are doing week to week so they do not feel like they are left in the dark.

Listen and Act – I would like to provide more outlets for residents to get the chance to speak on matters that are important to them. Afterwards I would like to  act! Take action on those matters. Weather it is addressing it immediately or trying to incorporate it into future meetings. I feel that the outlets we currently use are not working for the entire town engagement. I would like to implement some other opportunities.

Who should determine priorities for the town?  

Let the council pick the top ten and then let the residents assist in prioritizing. We all live here we should all have a say. I love the idea of and residents being able to put in their thoughts and ideas but in reality, most of the town does not utilize this. I would like to see more options to get the town involved in top priorities. 

How will you contribute to maintaining decorum at council and committee meetings?  

LISTENING! One of the best ways to keep everyone happy is to listen. We all want our voices heard. If you interrupt someone while they are talking, they get frustrated, annoyed, and will probably talk longer to make their point heard. Listen, be fair, and provide useful feedback. 

How will you ensure the Boards and Committees Appointment Policy is adhered to?  

I will ensure that the most qualified applicants are selected as members and ensure that they define all of Amherstburg’s many values. 

How will you demonstrate that your decision making reflects the interests of the community as a whole? 

I think one of my best qualities is access. I have been nothing but open and approachable. I have provided several outlets for residents to reach me. I will listen to the residents and try and choose the pathway that the majority chooses along with the one that is also cost effective for the town.  

What civic engagement methods should the town implement?  

Group meetings in an approachable setting. Town Council meetings are long and boring for most when they only want to talk about one topic of many. Utilize places such as our ACS building to gain the feedback of residents. Go to schools. We say that the children are our future let’s start utilizing them! 

When did the town hold consultations regarding the proposed Libro Trail?  

I do not believe that they ever held consultations regarding the trail. One of the only reasons I knew about the proposed trail was because my husband was involved in a meeting with the development ideas of the Libro Centre because he actively volunteered and assisted with recreational programming.

What would you do to change the timeframe for the posting of council and committee minutes?  

I would like to see the timeframe be shorter. I understand everyone has multiple jobs but these items need to be posted to the public in a timely fashion. Especially for the residents that are interested in council meetings but cannot attend because of children, work or other commitments. 

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