Another A’burg Police Officer Charged

a third amherstburg police officer has been charged in over two years:

  1. Sgt. Jim Saxon in June 2009
  2. Sgt. Colleen Sterling in September 2011 under Chief Tim Berthiaume
  3. Const. Andrew Challans in November 2011 under Chief Tim Berthiaume

Only Sterling’s and Challlans’ cases were reported in the media.  i have to wonder –  what is the cost to the burg residents? isn’t it time for council to compare municipal policing costs with the OPP?

1 thought on “Another A’burg Police Officer Charged

  1. If Bertiaume had his way he would not have put Challan’s P.A.H. in the media he was forced to. But he managed to screw my family over and drag my ex- wifes name through the dirt for something she didn’t do and succeeded in breaking our family apart. If he had a funeral tommorow I would spit right in his lifeless face, and walk out know that he is a piece of DUNG!

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