Amherstburg Police Chief Berthiaume Tight-lipped About Deployment

Commentary by Linda Saxon

it’s time for budget deliberations and wish lists and i was curious about some of the costs associated with the amherstburg police service. in a december 5, 2011 letter from chief tim berthiaume, legal fees, as of december 5, 2011, were $18768.57 for 2011. in a december 9, 2011 letter from chief tim berthiaume, he stated, “the amherstburg police service does not ‘breakdown’ legal expenses.” he further stated that, “as of december 5, the amherstburg police service has spent $23,589.85 on consultants.”

in response to my request for the number of days in 2011 where less than four officers were on patrol, berthiaume stated,”i will not be providing you with this information for the following reason. the release of this information could reasonably be expected to make their work more dangerous in many situations endangering the life or physical safetly of our law enforcement officers.”

where is the logic to a claim of endangerment in the present/future tense when the year has passed?

the ontario civilian commission on police services considered the amalgamation proposal to abolish the amherstburg and anderdon police services and stated, in its decision, “From the standpoint of staffing, deployment and supervision, the proposal overall appears sound, and if the proposal is implemented as presented, it should allow for adequate and effective policing in the Town of Amherstburg.”

one of the proposals for consideration in the application was:

“Patrol Zones:

The Town will be divided into three patrol zones by using the former boundaries of the old Town of Amherstburg, Township of Anderdon and Township of Malden. Accordingly, the new three patrol zones are as follows:

Each zone will be patrolled 24 hours a day. The maximum strength per 12 hour shift will be six officers:

Zone 1: Amherstburg
Zone 2: Anderdon and
Zone 3: Malden

Each zone will be patrolled 24 hours a day. The maximum strength per 12 hour shift will be six officers:

Zone 1: 3 officers;
Zone 2: 1 officer and
Zone 3: 1 officer

Another officer will support all three zones as may be required.

The minimum strength per 12 hour shift will be one officer per zone. However, it should be noted a four officer minimum strength will be in place until 4:00 a.m. (12 hour night shift). On the night shifts, there will be a minimum of four officers (two officers will cover zone 1, one officer in each of zone 2 and zone 3). After 4:00 a.m., there will be one officer in zone 1 supplying additional coverage to all other zones if required.”

NOTE: i noted the map in the community room with two patrol zones; also, the Amherstburg Police Service 2010 Annual Report states, “The Town is divided into 2 patrol zones ensuring that all areas receive an ongoing police presence.” The Patrol Zone map can be viewed on page 8 of the report.

The proposal also outlines a community business plan with three broad initiatives; number 1 was, “establish a police service – with an overall strategy, targets and accountability.”

how will we know if we’re getting the service that was proposed, if there is no accountability?

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