Essex Power Shares Issue To Be Discussed May 6

the controversy regarding council’s upcoming decision continues with questions about which council members will vote to sell or keep the asset. taxpayers can voice their objection to sell in this online petition. one local resident has been assured that carolyn davies will vote to keep our shares in this post.

in a february 20, 2014 email, carolyn davies’ position was, “Thank you for your concerned input. Be confident that I am not prepared to make a decision without all the facts outlining  the pros and cons that should be contained in the  public report being presented to us.  Certainly, I am in support of maintaining the ownership of our Essex power shares because they are a renewable and ongoing  asset. The report  may confirm that keeping our shares is the prudent thing to do.   With the price of electricity going up shares could also do the same. There is also the issue of keeping power public, just what owning municipal shares do. I have been receiving many positive and encouraging communications of support.”

in a february 21 email, bart dipasquale’s position was, “Thanks for your opinion on the Essex Power shares matter. I am of the same opinion as you with regard to selling these shares off. It would let down all our residents especially our future generations.”

while no one else responded, councillors pouget and sutherland have been vocal against the sale.

4-3, majority rules.