Amherstburg Citizens for Responsible Government

A group of residents, concerned about the town’s debt, policies and procedures, transparency and accountability, among other items, in addition to having an informative website, has started a facebook page, where it lists its goals and objectives:

Amherstburg Citizens for Responsible Government (ACRG) has the following goals and objectives:

1. To work toward the election of Councillors who:

• commit to open, transparent, accountable, respectful and responsive governance with minimal in-camera meetings;

• insist on fiscal responsibility;

• exhibit a high degree of integrity and progressive thinking;

• Pledge to monitor tax rates, public expenditures, processes and procedures at Town Hall and ensure this information is promptly made available to the public in a transparent and accessible fashion;

2. To continue to advocate sound policies, practices, and procedures beyond the municipal election

3. To remain a conduit for citizens to voice their concerns and views through our website and Facebook page.

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