Town of Amherstburg’s ‘subscribe to updates’ Useless

There have been seven new candidates for council since I subscribed to receive updates and I’ve not received one email notification. I even submitted feedback to the site advising it was useless and oh, by the way, captchas should not be used for accessibility reasons. As predicted, I did not receive a response to that either.

Commentary by Linda Saxon

Edited: 11 candidates registered since I subscribed to receive updates from the town’s website, but I was not notified once.

1 thought on “Town of Amherstburg’s ‘subscribe to updates’ Useless

  1. Linda, Can you name the seven for me. From your usual email and link to me I would build a framework page for a candidate. I cannot do this now. Lack of data is screwing these seven, at least as far as the website is concerned. I can only rely on the RTT. Any way to get msgs to the seven that they’re getting the shaft from town hall. Graham

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