Feedback Submission And Response

The following was submitted via the feedback form on the ask the candidates page:

“One topic which hasn’t been addressed is a solution to the chronic flooding problems in town. One suggestion i would have is to have 5 or 6 topics and have the candidates prioritize them,1 through 6 or however many topics you feel are important.”

Response: Question 14 dealt with flooding issues; only Aldo DiCarlo, Scott Kendell and Glenn Swinton provided answers.

Thank you for the suggestion; however, “Ask The Candidates” was initiated, as stated on the question page, because in past municipal election campaigns when debates were organized the public had limited opportunities to ask questions. All topics submitted to date are important and if elected, candidates will be called on to address  a variety of concerns to ratepayers.

The table posted earlier today indicates that some candidates are eager to answer the questions; others have not answered one; and some have not researched the issues.

The candidates are promoting their platforms and prioritizing their messages through their chosen marketing methods; this blog will remain a venue for ratepayers.