Phipps’ Stand On Request For Policies

October 9, 2014 email from Phipps at 8.32 p.m.
Dear Ms Saxon. I have decided to intervene again on correspondence you have carried on with Paula Parker. Some time ago you requested electronic copies of the following various policies:
Hiring of employees
Procurement of goods and services
When and how notice is provided to the public
How the municipality tries to ensure accountability and transparency to the public
Delegation of powers and duties
You also asked if there was a competitive process for the Elections Coordinator position and a copy of the advertisement/notice.
You finally accuse staff of being insolent. So by notice Ms Saxon, you will no longer have to deal with any “insolent” staff because you will deal with me only.
In a recent email you stated to Ms Parker that “no one has responded” to your request regarding the procedural by-law.
You also recently wrote requesting considerable information regarding the process for hiring the new CAO.
Ms Saxon, I will not allow staff time to be wasted responding to all your requests for information. Although you are a citizen, you have no rights over and above any other citizen. Ironically, from time to time we have some other citizens who request considerable information and we’ve taken the same approach we now will with you. We will not spend staff time and everyone’s tax dollars chasing down everything you’ve requested.
Having said that, here are my comments regarding the above issues you raised:
1 We will not be providing you with hiring policies or the procurement of goods and services unless you can provide me with a reasonable explanation for the request.
2 I have no idea what you mean by “when and how notice is provided to the public”
3 With respect to accountability and transparency, I believe the Town has done as much as is reasonably possible to ensure both. There are no written policies.
4 I have no idea again what you want re delegation of powers and duties
5 The Elections Coordinator was not advertised because it is so specialized based on many years experience required. Therefore you will not receive a copy of any advertisement.
6 I will be providing you with nothing regarding the CAO hiring process.
Just a reminder, you will be required to communicate with me until the new CAO Mr Micelli takes office.
Note by Linda Saxon: Does this mean the town is not in compliance with Section 270 (1) of the Municipal Act? If the policies exist and can be emailed to me, is that a request for considerable information?

Adoption of policies

270.  (1)  A municipality shall adopt and maintain policies with respect to the following matters:

1. Its sale and other disposition of land.

2. Its hiring of employees.

3. Its procurement of goods and services.

4. The circumstances in which the municipality shall provide notice to the public and, if notice is to be provided, the form, manner and times notice shall be given.

5. The manner in which the municipality will try to ensure that it is accountable to the public for its actions, and the manner in which the municipality will try to ensure that its actions are transparent to the public.

6. The delegation of its powers and duties. 2006, c. 32, Sched. A, s. 113.