New Deputy Chief To Start In April

Commentary by Linda Saxon

Just like the hiring of the new CAO by the outgoing council, the outgoing police services board introduced a new deputy chief, who will assume the role April 1, 2015.

Berthiaume is quoted in the RTT article, “I think the community will learn to love and respect him like I already do.”  

Let’s hope we’re not seeing another two salaries for one position situation. According to The Windsor Star, Berthiaume originally stated, “We want to start the process and identify the successful candidate before the year’s end because we want to have an overlap between the two deputies for a short period of time.”

I’m somewhat surprised, given the historic emphasis on the ‘locals’ that an ‘outsider’ has been hired and an OPP member at that.

According to an Amherstburg Echo article about Berthiaume’s and Palumbo’s respective promotions, Hurst commented, “We have two home-grown individuals that will holding the two highest offices for the police department in Amherstburg.” Sutton also noted that Berthiaume and Palumbo are Amherstburg natives and said it was a “great day” to promote local men to lead the force.

For the fact checkers: Amherstburg is not the safest community – Barrie is the safest city in Canada, says crime rate stats