Anne Rota Now Has Completed Human Rights Training

1762668 Ontario Inc., owned by Rennie and Anne Rota, was added to the Accessibility Hall Of Shame because it failed to comply with a February 20, 2014 Human Rights Tribunal Ontario Order, part of which stipulated, “The landlord must retain a consultant with expertise in human rights, disability and access who will provide training to Mr. Rota, and any managers, on the landlord’s obligations under the Code with respect to accommodating disability, and the landlord must provide to the applicant by June 1, 2014, a copy of a letter from the consultant verifying that the training is completed.

Six and a half months late, a December 20, 2014 letter certified that Rennie Rota completed a Human Rights Training Program; the letter was received via regular mail December 30, 2014.

Now, seven and a half months late, Anne Rota completed a Human rights Training Program.