Guidelines for police on body-worn cameras

Wendy Gillis, the star, reports today on the “new guidelines released by the federal and provincial information watchdogs Wednesday — principles experts say will provide police with much-needed direction when using the fast-expanding policing tool.”

The document, Guidance for the use of body-worn cameras by law enforcement authorities, is posted on the Office of the Privacy Commissioner Canada’s website.

Amherstburg Police began wearing body cameras in the spring of 2013.

Amherstburg Police were to have conducted a final study by the end of 2014 to select a body worn camera for patrol officers or shelve project if not feasible for APS needs, according to the 2014 ~ 2016 Business Plan.

Julie Kotsis, The Windsor Star, reported at the end of 2014, “No decision has been made on their permanent use, according to Berthiaume, who added he recently updated the Amherstburg Police Services Board and plans a re-evaluation in the spring.”