the burg watch is 4 years old

Commentary by Linda Saxon

Four years ago today, the burg watch started a permanent record of the performance of council members and staff; it was intended to be a reference for voters heading to the polls just in case some issues were not mentioned along with all the campaign promises.

In November 2011, some of the burg watch’s posts were about town council’s contravention of the Municipal Act following the Ombudsman Review Of Closed Meeting, council’s flip flops and a lack of commitment to accessibility, for example, the town’s website; I have raised awareness about it since September 2002 when a mandatory municipal annual accessibility plan had to be created.

In 2014, the burg watch provided an opportunity for residents to ask the candidates questions during the campaign period. Despite being threatened with legal action by a candidate, I continued and feel it was a worthwhile endeavour.

It has often been suggested that the naysayers should stop criticizing and offer constructive solutions, but I have repeatedly submitted solutions to no avail.

I have been subjected to insults and name calling and I continue to receive harsh criticism for raising certain issues, but I will continue in the spirit of freedom of expression.

Thank you to those who support the burg watch’s intentions.