OCPC Found Dysfunction In Peterborough

According to the CBC report, “Complaints in the field [of policing] are inherent so I can’t say I’m surprised. The Town of Amherstburg​’s police force has had complaints. This is what happens in the business. We’d like to know what the complaints are and the details behind them,” DiCarlo said.

Maybe Mayor DiCarlo should submit a Freedom of Information request. Or maybe he shouldn’t comment until he knows the details. For example, are breaches of human rights or privacy acceptable business practices?

The details of OCPC’s Investigation into Peterborough Police Services Board were serious and concluded:

Based on evidence obtained during the course of the investigation, as summarized above, the Commission is now of the opinion that the ongoing dysfunction of the PPSB constitutes an emergency and that the appointment of an administrator pursuant to subsection 23(1) of the PSA is necessary in the public interest. The status of the existing Board members is not affected by this Order, as they remain members of the Board in good standing, but the Board’s functions will be overseen by the administrator.

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