Amherstburg Wants To Rebrand, Again

The Windsor Star reported, earlier this year town council earmarked $75,000 to develop a fresh campaign strategy for attracting visitors and investors.

In May, the Windsor Star reported on the plan moving forward and how Cinnamon Toast New Media Inc. — a company with offices in Hamilton and Ottawa — was tapped as the winning bidder from a pool of 16. The bids were ranked according to criteria including experience with similar projects and the proponent’s strategy and presentation.

“As much as we want to keep everything local, it has to be a competitive process,” said DiCarlo. “They provided the best proposal to the town.”

With the abundance of town staff, one could question why such an expenditure was necessary.

When the rebranding issue was discussed by council in 2013, the River Town Times reported Councillor Pouget questioned the cost and lack of public input.

What has changed?

Surverymonkey. Residents can fill out an online survey. Shamefully, though, there is no posting about alternate accessible formats for people with disabilities.

Commentary by Linda Saxon