Amherstburg Police Officers’ Personal Information Breached

Paula Parker forwarded a request for any RFP Police Services Addenda to Bobbi Reive, Financial Planning Administrator, who disclosed all four addenda.

Addendum #2 contained Amherstburg police officers’ names, addresses, telephone numbers, cell phone numbers, next of kin, spouses’ cell phone numbers, employment start dates and birthdays.

The town advised the Information and Privacy Commissioner Ontario that it implemented remedial measures, including the amendment of the town’s request for information procedures to ensure that any information shall be verified, at least twice, prior to its release to the requester in order to prevent inadvertent disclosure of confidential information.

1 thought on “Amherstburg Police Officers’ Personal Information Breached

  1. This is a serious breach and Town Clerk, being the Freedom of Information and Privacy Coordinator for the the Town of Amherstburg should be disciplined, removed from that capacity, and possibly fired. As Privacy Coordinator, she should not even being sharing such sensitive information with Town staff, much less the public. Mayor/Council should be interceding if the CAO does not act.

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