Accessing the Amherstburg Accessibility Advisory Committee Meeting

Difficulties arose when I tried to tune in to today’s meeting of the Amherstburg Accessibility Advisory Committee (AAAC).

The September 24, 2020 AAAC meeting was advertised on the last page of this week’s River Town Times along with other meetings. A notation at the bottom includes text under the heading, Electronic Meeting Link

I copied and pasted it but the link was invalid, as verified by a google search:

Your search – 271 Sandwich St. South, Amherstburg, Ontario did not match any documents.

It would be so much easier for everyone to access the meetings on the town’s website if the video link was placed right next to the meeting, which it wasn’t. After navigating through a couple of links too many, I emailed  Kevin Fox, Committee Co-ordinator, who advised, The livestream for all town meetings is unchanged and remains

It turns out the meeting was on zoom and there were technical difficulties with audio cutting out for several minutes and video disappearing.

Most annoying was the sound as though someone was constantly tapping on a microphone.

Most disappointing was that one member used the outdated “handicap accessible signs.”

Most frustrating was that members did not identify themselves prior to speaking when only audio was available. Also, I couldn’t find any listed accommodations for persons who are deaf, deafened, or hard of hearing.