River Bookshop Barriers

Richard Peddie co-owns River Bookshop in Amherstburg, built in 1885 and restored to honour the building’s heritage. Peddie requested and received heritage designation in 2021.

The website states, “Our second-floor event space is a very important part of our ambition to create a powerful and popular “Third Place” in our community. Consistent with our River Bookshop our values are to educate, inspire, engage and entertain.”

Twenty stairs that Peddie says you just walk up poses a barrier to people with disabilities. Shameful. There is also a raised threshold that I got stuck on and issues with the website.

twenty stairs to second floor river bookshop in amherstburg, ontario a barrier to persons with disabilities.

1 thought on “River Bookshop Barriers

  1. There have plenty of building permits issued for commercial retrofits in Amherstburg which don’t conform to modern build standards specific to accessibility. The Pepper Cat comes to mind. Pure and simple, the Town’s by-laws are archaic.

    The last time I checked Amherstburg doesn’t even have by-laws requiring builds or additions conform to the characteristics of the existing home or neighborhood, so anyone can a gaudy looking steel round top garage, usually suited to agricultural lands, on any residential lot, and quite a few have been installed on residential lots. https://i.ytimg.com/vi/ZnV3m4Vx500/maxresdefault.jpg

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