Concurrent Committee Members

Amherstburg’s Boards and Committees Appointment Policy, enacted September 26, 2011, could use an update but also adherence to the policy.


The purpose of the Town of Amherstburg Boards and Committees Appointment Policy is to ensure a fair and equitable appointment process to Town Boards and Committees where:

  • The most qualified applicants are appointed as Members; and
  • Applicants are representative of Amherstburg’s diverse community with a broad wealth of experience and skills.”

Section 3.4. states Members will not be appointed to more than two (2) Boards or Committees in a Term of Council.

Are Committees representative of a diverse community if concurrent members are appointed and rules are waived?  

Chris Drew:

  • Accessibility Advisory Committee
  • Dangerous Dog Appeal
  • Property Standards
  • Livestock Evaluator 2015
  • Fence Viewer 2015

Tony Pietrangelo:

  • Accessibility Advisory Committee
  • Fence Viewer
  • Seniors Advisory

Shirley Curson-Prue: Councillor Prue removed himself from discussion and voting due to his declared conflict of interest re her appointment to the Accessibility Advisory Committee

  • Accessibility Advisory Committee
  • Heritage
  • Parks and Recreation

Murray Sellars:

  • Co-An Park
  • Fene Viewer
  • Livestock Evaluator

Anthony Campigotto:

  • Committee of Adjustment
  • Drainage
  • Property Standards

Jennie Lajoie:

  • Co-An Park
  • Heritage

Christine Easterbrook:

  • Accessibility Advisory Committee
  • Inclusive Community Program Advisory Steering Committee

Kathy DiBartolomeo:

  • Seniors
  • Inclusive Community Program Advisory Steering Committee

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