Park House Museum Accessibility Barriers

Continuing with photos from my downtown tour, the Park House Museum walk and ramp could use an update.

When asked about accessibility, Park House Curator advised they are currently fundraising to replace the current ramps and walkways and to add a push-button door.

As for the website, ‘we have changed the colour from black to white to enhance visibility and recently launched a user survey to see where our visitors would like changes to be made.’ I couldn’t locate an Accessibility Policy on the website, but the Curator provided me with a blanket policy including a link to training that will be provided, as outlined by the documentation at i’m not sure how useful the Ministry of Transportation site will be.

In March 2022, the town granted the museum’s request for $8500. and provided an additional $6500. for a total of $15,000.

In March 2022, it was also announced that the museum received a $19700. grant from Ontario’s Community Building Fund Operating stream.

The August 8, 2022 town council agenda includes a memo$15,000 for the precommitment of the 2022 Park House Grant

Sooner, rather than later, funding will need to be allocated to imrproving accessibility at the Park House and other buildings in town.

park house museum rotting wooden walk and ramp in amherstburg, ontario