the burg watch questions to candidates 2022

Updated the Candidate Answers 2022 page to include only candidates who answered one or more questions from this blog, including three that answered the following questionnaire.

Do you anticipate having to declare any pecuniary interest? 

What does ‘accessible’ mean to you?

What community groups do you belong to?

What three things would you do to prove the town is committed to Open Government?

Who should determine priorities for the town?

How will you contribute to maintaining decorum at council and committee meetings?

How will you ensure the Boards and Committees Appointment Policy is adhered to?

How will you demonstrate that your decision making reflects the interests of the community as a whole?

What civic engagement methods should the town implement? 

When did the town hold consultations regarding the proposed Libro Trail?

What would you do to change the timeframe for the posting of council and committee minutes?

Are you aware of the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy implications of the use of social media?