Aiming For Accountability

The following questions were emailed to Amherstburg CAO Valerie Critchley on November 15, who answered on November 16:

i’m writing to request information that i’d like to post to the burg watch blog:

1.   requests for information from candidates and third party advertisers about town services and programs during the 2022 campaign period, without revealing the source of the request, and also responses from administration.

Please file a Freedom of Information Request for this information. The form can be found at:

2.   are completed conflict of information declaration forms available for viewing online?

The Municipality keeps a registry of this information which can be found at: . The actual forms which have been completed by the Members of Council can be viewed in person at Town Hall.

3.   when was the official swearing in of new council members held?

Members of Council each swore and signed their individual oaths of office (the signed oath is actually what is required by the Municipal Act)  separately between November 8, 2022 and November 15, 2022. The ceremonial inauguration will take place on November 28, 2022.

I emailed follow up comments and questions on November 16:

  • regarding 1. i’m not requesting any personal information; just the questions asked and answered;
  • 2. wouldn’t it be more accountable and accessible to persons with disabilities for the forms to be attached to the registry for viewing online?
  • 3. would you please provide the members’ names and dates of each of their swearing in?