Comparing Amherstburg To Other Municipalities: Candidates’ Questions

Are candidate and third party advertiser questions to administration disclosed to the public? I received two different answers when I requested the same information from Amherstburg and Toronto.


I requested information, without revealing the source, to post to the burg watch blog.

Answer from CAO Critchley: Please file a Freedom of Information Request for this information. The form can be found at this link.

i’m not requesting any personal information; just the questions asked and answered.

Answer: This request is properly an MFIPPA request.

thank you but i respectfully disagree that a formal FOI request would be required.


I requested information to post to the burg watch blog.

Answer from City Clerk’s Office: Access to records held by the City of Toronto is regulated by the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA). The public has a right to see most City records, with some exceptions.

The City of Toronto engages in routine disclosure to automatically make information available to the public when it is requested. When information is not available routinely, the public may submit a freedom of information request.

In regards to the “You Asked Us” page, the City has established a protocol for responding to requests for information from candidates and third party advertisers about City services and programs so that all candidates have equal access to information for the municipal election.

Candidate & Third Party Advertiser Questions to the City