The Festivals and Events Ontario award to Amherstburg recognizes ‘the best in municipal leadership and festival and event partnerships in the Province of Ontario.’

The application consists of:

Question 1

List of your individual festivals & events:

a) Please provide the judges with a clear presentation of why your Municipality should be selected.
b) Include a list of leading festivals and events (up to a max. of five (5). These festivals and events (provide dates) were staged in and/or supported by your Municipality for the time frame of September 1, 2021 to December 31, 2022. Please tell us when the festival or event was established, who is your primary contact for it and, if known, also provide information on the approximate attendance at each and how many are local citizens vs out-of-town visitors/tourists (i.e those residing more than 100 km away).

Question 2

Tell us about your Municipal infrastructure for festivals and events:

a) Please provide your most recent (Canada Census)Municipal population.
b) What are the accommodation, parking and transit options for visitors to the festivals and events?
c) Outline your primary festival and event venues, including capacities for each.
d) Do you have an emergency response plan for festivals and events operating within your jurisdiction? e) Is there anything else you wish to include in this section?

Question 3

Tell us about how your municipality directly supports festivals and events through areas under its direct control:

a) Do you have a dedicated support team, policy or plan for presenting and/or supporting festivals and events? If so, please elaborate.
b) What monetary budget in direct funding do you provide for presenting and/or supporting festivals and events?
c) Do you also provide a value-in-kind budget or allocation as well? if so, please elaborate.
d) Define the role of your Municipal staff in festival or event Planning Committee/Board involvement (if applicable) and/or describe the Municipal approval process for a festival or event.
e) Does your Municipality help to market or promote the festival or event within your jurisdiction?
f) Is there anything else you wish to include in this section?

Question 4

Tell us how your Municipality may indirectly support festivals and events through areas that it may be able to influence:

a) Does your Municipality provide input to and/or assistance with the efforts of other non-Municipal-government operating bodies within your jurisdiction such as Chambers of Commerce, educational institutions, local or regional sports organizations (if applicable) and/or similar externally managed organizations etc. to support festivals and events?
b) Does your Municipality get involved in such areas as helping the festival and event organizers to source volunteers and/or sponsors and/or media support and/or festival and/or event industry suppliers?
c) Is there anything else you wish to include in this section?

Supporting Materials

1) Submit up to three (3) high resolution photos demonstrating how your Municipality supported festivals and events in your jurisdiction.

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