How Keen Is Crain?

During the February 22 discussion, when Councillor Courtney asked about Open Air options AND pros and cons, Crain asked staff, hasn’t the past Council already looked at ways to refine open air and that’s why some of the barricades were moved in closer? This feels a bit redundant to me if this has already been looked at by council. And from last night and from what we’ve been hearing, it’s pretty clear that the format is great. But based on my understanding, council’s already looked at this.

He’s right, past council was presented with the THRIVE white paper on Open Air; ‘this White Paper will make a case to council that a revised Open Air with more town funding should be done in 2022.’ Crain was part of the team that created that white paper.

Renée D’Amore (director)
Sara Palmer (director)
Kory Renaud (director)
Richard Peddie (director)
Kurt Reffle
Linden Crain

During the March 13 Open Air discussion, Councillor Crain said he’d be completely honest, he didn’t even think Open Air should have been a topic of discussion.

What?! Why not? According to the Information and Privacy Commissioner Ontario site, ‘Open Government is based on the core belief that the public has the right to access the records and proceedings of government to enable greater openness, accountability, and engagement.’

The THRIVE site: We believe that it should be a permanent summer feature. 

On March 13, Crain said, I also think perhaps we shouldn’t even be discussing this every year because eventually it’s going to be nothing. We’re going to continue to tweak it and really try to please everyone and it’s not going to happen.

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