Brown-John: Municipal Councils Should Feature Blend of Young And Old

Diversity on council is needed, but it will take more than a mix of young and old.

The Windsor Star opinion by professor emeritus Brown-John notes, “The point is municipal councils are richer by virtue of a blend of experience and more youthful verve.”

When candidate Linden Crain ran for council at age 21, I had questions. Would academic skills translate to the real world? Would he relate to seniors? What about people with disabilities? How knowledgeable was he about the disability community? What was his attitude? Would he have divided loyalties, as a member of some organizations? Was he emulating politicians?

As a THRIVE team member that created its Open Air White Paper that embraced Open Air, Councillor Crain voted in favour of continuing Open Air.

As candidate Linden Crain, he campaigned to remove barriers at Open Air. I don’t recall a council meeting where he agreed that barriers needed to be removed. So, he flip-flopped.

In my opinion, despite the effort, all the youthful enthusiasm one can have, does not translate to relatable life experience, although a polished politician might give the appearance that it does.

A more diverse council would include gender equality and consist of representation of marginalized communities.