Privacy Concerns About Emails To Elected Officials

During the March 27 Special Council Meeting, questions and comments were raised about emails to members of council being shared with administration.

Councillor McArthur acknowledged emails from residents in opposition to a project and asked have those emails been sent to administration?

Deputy CAO Melissa Osborne answered that provided the email went to all of council then the clerk is included in those and he ensures that they make it over to them and they review those concerns.

Councillor Pouget asked for clarification of Councillor McArthur’s question; are our emails being sent to us, the elected officials at the council email group, being monitored by administration?

CAO Critchley answered no, however, the clerk is included on that email group as is she so if anything comes in on a planning matter, it goes over to the planning department.

Councillor Pouget stated she was never informed of that and the public is not informed. They believe that when they’re sending emails to council, it’s private; it’s to the elected officials. And further to that whenever she wants to share something with administration, she always get permission from the person that sent it to her. She finds this completely unrealistic and it’s deplorable as far as she’s concerned.

Councillor Pouget finds that very objectionable and from now on, she’s going to ask people to send it to her individually.

Mayor Prue said she should because everybody should know when you send an email to the council email group and want a response back it could be any one of seven or staff who responds to it.