Tell The Accessibility Advisory Committee To Select Hotel Site Plans For Review

I’ve suggested that committee members’ contact information be made available to receive input from the public regarding accessibility concerns. Committees may not always be representative of persons with a range of disabilities.

Councillor McArthur is this term’s rep so I’ve emailed him the following and request you send him one at and copy me at

as council’s new rep to the accessibility advisory committee, you may not be fully aware of the committee’s mandate. as i’ve mentioned before, i was not given the accessibility¬†training materials¬†that members of council received on november 29 but i’ve submitted an FOI request for them.

given the controversy of the proposed hotel, and accessibility/safety concerns affecting persons with disabilities involving the back stairs, i would urge the committee to select the site plans and drawings for the project.

also, as i’ve repeatedly raised the issue about the lack of reports included on the committee’s agenda, you should know that there are several empty links in tomorrow’s meeting agenda. I’ve also mentioned before that verbal reports, instead of attached reports, may pose a barrier. wouldn’t it be ironic if the committee that is supposed to remove barriers creates them?