Fraserville Mosquito Problem Included In Budget

Ron Giofu, River Town Times, reported that “town council has agreed to commit $49,972 in the 2015 budget on a nuisance control program to help combat the ongoing mosquito problem in the Fraserville neighbourhood. The nuisance program is over and above the larviciding program offered in conjunction with the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit.

Brenda Kokko, a Fraserville resident, told town council it is a quality of life issue for residents there and that residents are “held hostage” by the insects.”

This was a question for the candidates to the burg watch during the 2014 election campaign; of those elected, Mayor Aldo DiCarlo, Deputy Mayor DiPasquale and Councillor Pouget responded that they supported the program.

Question 22 For The Candidates – Fraserville Mosquito Issue

Question 22:  As a candidate running in this Municipal election are you aware of the Fraserville mosquito issue and are you aware of the time sensitive mosquito nuisance program proposal and it’s immediate approval to ensure GDG Environmental to acquire MNR permits to commence as early in Spring as possible?  Will you be supportive and receptive to this program being implemented?

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