Joshua Rene Thanks Residents For Their Questions

I would like to thank each and every resident for asking us candidates the hard questions. I have never been more proud to call Amherstburg home! Such a display of civic pride and concern proves that Amherstburg is ready for change, and change is what we’ll give them!

Thank you again,

Joshua Rene

Joshua Rene Answers Questions 40

40.  I have never personally nor have I ever worked for a company that has declared bankruptcy. I don’t believe that a candidate should be denied the chance to run based on this. I will however say that this information should be shared in good faith.

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Joshua Rene Answers Questions 31, 32

31.  Post Amalgamation Benefits
Amherstburg should not begin and end with its down town core! All residents should enjoy the benefits of being a part of this community. If elected I will do my best to ether work with the money available, or put plans in motion so that we can finally feel like one Amherstburg.                                                          

32.  Commit To Kingsbridge Improvements
As I mentioned in my previous answer I will do everything I can to bring together all the communities here in Amherstburg. Unfortunately with our debt so very high and our reserve accounts so very low, the next four years of Council will be about cleaning house and guiding Amherstburg back to where it truly belongs.

All answers to date are also on the candidate answers page.

Joshua Rene Answers Questions 34 To 39

34.  Two CAOs Pay?
A long line is right. I have stated before that Mr. Phipps should stay for the bare minimum once our new C.A.O takes over. The residents are demanding change! The general consensus is out with the old and in with the new! Mr. Phipps is a part of the old.

35.  Development Fees Collected?
Building a sustainable Amherstburg will require working hand in hand with the developers of these projects. Before undertaking any projects the town and developer must sit down and hammer out a contract. With clear and concise terms this protects the town from less then perfect developers, but also the tax payers who can literally pay no more! We have to start putting our residents first.

36.  Special Development Deals?
Agreed. No one should ever get special treatment.

37.  Where Are Our Voter Notifications?
Accountability,  accountability, accountability!  My wife and I just received our cards yesterday. There are still people I know who haven’t received theirs yet. No voter cards = low voter turnout.

38. Preferential Treatment?
Absolutely not! Equal treatment for everyone!

39.  Straightforward Answer Sought Re CAO
I believe that Mr. Phipps should stay on for the bare minimum. Simply this is this person, that is that department. That’s it! We CANNOT afford two C.A.O’s on payroll. Mr. Phipps though I do believe had good intentions, is part of the problem at town hall.

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Joshua Rene Answers Questions 26 To 30

Josh Rene’s answers are:

26.  Support Nuisance Program for Fraserville?
I would absolutely support this issue, every single resident should be able to enjoy time outside! Also it can be considered a health issue, as I see this issue personal it would be top priority.

27.  Procedure To Handle Concerns From Fellow Citizens
I have said before that Council is a team sport. As Councillor there is no shame in asking when you don’t know. However when a constituent comes to you with a problem, you are expected to follow it through beginning to the end. As Councillor you are elected to represent the people!

28.  Ward System Better Serve The Residents?
Amherstburg has grown, many communities now fly under the same flag. Has it now come to the point where Council can no longer effectively represent everyone? I think so. I would support a ward system if it meant that everyone would receive equal representation.

29.  Commit To No Public Funds On Barriers; Inclusion.
Equal representation for all! I am frankly surprised that this question still has to be asked. I believe Amherstburg has made great strides when it comes to being more accessible, but I think maybe some would agree with me we still have a way to go. The town should work hand in hand with South Shore Taxi to ensure that all their vehicles are accessible for everyone. Also I would like to add that many have asked if there was anyway to accommodate residents with disabilities come voting day. I of course would be more then happy to help anyway I can. Should the town not have shuttle service on election day? Are we not supposed to encourage everyone to exercise their right to vote?

30.  Support Electronic Polling
I believe that technology is ever changing and as such Council should be willing to change with it. This being said I would support technology that has been rigorously tested and proven reliable. The residents should be provided information as soon as it becomes available, if this is the best way then this is the way we should go.

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Joshua Rene Answers Questions 24 and 25

Josh Rene’s answers are:

24.  Why Run To Represent Amherstburg?
Amherstburg has always provided a safe and nurturing environment for myself and my family. Running for Council is my way of giving back to the community that has always shown me great kindness. Also I believe strongly that the residents of not only Amherstburg but across the country are looking for younger people to step up and show interest in civic responsibility.

25.  Hotel Needed?
I think a hotel in Amherstburg is one of those missed opportunities. With all the festivals and events that happen in town, we are literally handing over money to other municipalities who can accommodate them. As for the town providing funding I believe that this can be looked at but may fall short with the lack of funds available.

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Joshua Rene Answers Questions About Lawn Signs

I have been asked time and time again why I do not have any lawn signs. I would like to know if this can be posted on this site, as I have been directing many of our residents here. I decided from the very beginning that I will not actively seek contributions towards my campaign. First to ask the residents to contribute towards my campaign would be inconsiderate considering that we all face a tax increase, and second it was politicians who put us here. If my not having lawn signs loses me the election so be it! At least I know that I had morals and kept the residents top priority. I just wanted to let people know that I am still out their pounding the pavement.

Joshua Rene

Joshua Rene Answers Question 21 Re Political Party Affiliation

Joshua Rene’s answer is:

I have not ever been officially affiliated with a political party. I know who I vote for, but that has not and will not find its way into my municipal politics.

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Joshua Rene Answers Questions 15, 16, 17, 19, 20

Joshua Rene has answered several more questions submitted via the feedback form on the Questions page:

15.  Why Are We 67 Million in Debt?

Overspending!  This is the bottom line!  We are here today saddled with this embarrassing debt because projects were not prioritized, and funds were not allocated soon enough. The new Council will now have to spend it’s term cleaning up and fixing problems instead of taking a page out of other municipalities books and growing. Don’t spend what you don’t have, simple as that!

16.  Tourism Or Employment

That is a very loaded question. My initial response would be both. 500 tourists bring revenue and possible taxpayers, though 1 full-time industrial job would help keep our residents off of assistance and here in our municipality.  If I had to pick one it would have to be the full-time job. Let’s focus on the people already here instead of spreading ourselves to thin to be effective.

17.  Infrastructure For All of Amherstburg

Amherstburg should not begin and end with its downtown core! Historical tourism is important yes, but there are residents who live here 365 days a year. A politician is elected to represent not one citizen, or two, but every one of their constituents. This is what I will bring to Council. I will do everything possible to make sure that all the residents of Amherstburg are represented in a fair and equal manner.

19.  Prioritize/Fund Infrastructure

Honestly if we cannot afford it through grants or reserves, don’t do it!  We have to make sure as Council to allocate the funds for future projects ahead of time. We can no longer fly by the seat of our pants and spend on a whim! As for the Essex Power shares it was a no brainer. If we were to sell them all we would have done is provided a temporary band-aid solution that would have been inherited by Councils in the future. That debate should have been settled when Council realized that the residents of Amherstburg said quite clearly NO! I think with the right Council in place we need not worry about bankruptcy. I think if not for the election coming up, it may have been a scary all to real reality.

20. Town Employee Performance

If one piece of the puzzle at Town Hall is not functioning, then as we can clearly see it just doesn’t work! What new Council needs to do when they take office is conduct reviews of ether whole departments or individual employees to make sure that everyone is doing their due justice for Amherstburg. What we need is individuals who take pride in their community, and are willing to do everything they can to help OUR Amherstburg grow and prosper. The town should be run like a business, no exceptions.

All answers to date from those who have answered are on the candidate answers page.

Best of Luck From Joshua Rene

I would like to wish all the candidates for Amherstburg Council and School Board Trustees the best of luck! It takes a lot of courage to stand up for what you believe in and to fight for the betterment of your community. The residents of Amherstburg will certainly have a choice when it comes time to cast their ballots!
Best of luck to all,
Joshua Rene
Amherstburg Council Candidate

Joshua Rene Answers Question 12

In response to Questions 12 about the hiring of a new CAO, posted on the Questions page, Joshua Rene answered: I truly believe that the new CAO should be chosen by the new Council. The residents have spoken and they demand change! Starting with of course a new CAO that has been selected by a brand new group of responsible individuals! Lets listen to the residents!

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Joshua Rene Answers Questions 9 Through 11

In response to questions 9 through 11, posted on the Questions page, Joshua Rene’s answers are below; his answers to earlier questions can be read on the candidate answers page.

Q 9.  I have always said that Amherstburg doesn’t begin and end with its down town core. Every last citizen deserves a fair representation from its elected officials. Kingsbridge, Pointe West, Golfview, McGregor, and Malden all have amazing things to offer and should not be forgotten. Council is expected to provide a safe and welcoming community for all its residents. Part of this is making sure that sidewalks are in good repair, roads are not going to destroy cars, and parks are well maintained and safe for our children. I have spoken to a couple of residents that want to explore the possibility of a dog park for our four legged friends. People take pride in their communities and Council should be nurturing this.

Q 10.  I hold this issue near and dear! Personally I do not understand why this is not already been implemented. I strongly believe that our community size will support a community transit system. Now i am not saying that it has to be comparable in size to Transit Windsor, something slightly smaller will do. What we are doing is asking our residents to dish out high amounts of money to pay for a cab or gas money. Why? Part of the reason we lose people to Windsor is because of the convenience. The ability to get to one side of Windsor to the other in the fraction of time and money it would otherwise cost. I will work strongly to ensure that this idea is entertained in put into motion. We cannot keep delaying issues like this, it is bad for business!

Q 11.  This is a very good question.


I truly believe that as a community we must not be side tracked on one issue. I believe this is part of the reason that Amherstburg is in this mess! I have always been an advocate for a responsible environmental impact. We must ensure that our community survives for generations to come. I believe that our community has done a reasonable job to protect its citizens from outside environmental influence. If I am elected to Council I will keep close contact with all levels of government to ensure that our residents are protected and can enjoy a safe and clean community.


I hear all the time of the toxic work environment at town hall, with low moral and high turn over! This unfortunately does not confine itself to the four walls of the municipal building. As residents we naturally take some pride in our town, and its success. This however for some has become increasingly difficult. He said she said has become the norm here in Amherstburg. The negative repercussions are endless! Loss of investment and future business opportunities, and residents packing up and leaving! What the new Council should be doing is starting from square one. Gather all the facts, recommendations and LISTEN to the residents! They need to be able to show the residents that they are able to work together towards a brighter future for Amherstburg.

Joshua Rene Answers Questions 4 and 5

In response to questions 1 through 5, posted on the Questions page, Joshua Rene answered questions 2 and 3 in this post; below are his answers to 4 and 5.

4.  I believe one of the core responsibilities for any democracy is active discussion. To be able to make informed decisions for the greater good of the constituents you must be prepared. I would like to hear from current council regarding their thoughts and if the believe they have ample time to digest information. Personally I would prefer more time, but that’s just me.

5.  The answer to this one is YES! Amherstburg prides itself in being steeped in a rich history. We need to play to our strengths! Its a sad day when we see historical buildings knocked down to make room for high priced condos.  I understand costs to upkeep buildings that are sitting empty or falling apart may be high, but we have to do something! I will work very closely with our Heritage Committee to bring history alive in Amherstburg!

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Joshua Rene Answers Questions 2 and 3

In response to questions 2 through 5, posted on the Questions page, Joshua Rene answered:

2.  I believe toxic work culture is an understatement! For me it breaks down to lack of communication between Council and Administration. One side against the other if you will. With a lack of direction making its way down from the Council level, its no wonder there is a revolving door with senior management. To fix this everyone has to be on the same page. We CANNOT keep dishing out money that we don’t have! The new Council needs to get a reign on this before Amherstburg finds itself in a situation that cannot be fixed.

3.  From the beginning I have always been 100% for a FULL financial audit. The residents of Amherstburg have spoken and been ignored! We need to collect every piece of evidence that could help us move forward from this! I would like to see more accountability from this administration.  Remember you are elected to serve the people!