Mayoral Candidate Glen Swinton On Council’s Focus

am800 reported on Glenn Swinton’s campaign to unseat current mayor Aldo DiCarlo:

He says he’s not a fan with how the current council operates.

“I think that the focus of our current council, the strengthen of our current council kind of needs a revision,” says Swinton.  “As I watch how they handle certain aspects of what they deal with and how they’re handling it, I find our mayor is not entirely operating as the head of council and I find that our council is kind of following a lead for the sake of ease.”

Registered Candidates For 2018

As predicted, the list grew; it’s interesting to see so many Amherstburg Police Services Board members register but they will lose their board positions if Windsor Police takes over.

It’ll be a new council since Courtney and DiPasquale are not in the race and three current councillors are seeking the Deputy Mayor’s seat.

Mayor (Elect 1)

DiCarlo, Aldo

Swinton, Glenn

Deputy Mayor (Elect 1)

Fryer, Richard (Rick)

Meloche, Leo

Pouget, Diane

Rozankovic, Bob

Councillor (Elect 5)

Cleminson, Frank

Courtney, Peter

Gemmell, Pauline

Keenan, Libby (Elizabeth)

Lavigne, Jason

Lazanja, Lena

McArthur, Donald

Menna, John

Moore, Gregory

Prue, Michael

Renaud, Marc

Simone, Patricia

Sutherland, Ron

Wightman, Lori

Two More Registered As Councillor Candidates

Patricia Simone, council hopeful and an Amherstburg Police Services Board member who signed the three year police contract on September 19, 2017 with fellow board members Robert Rozankovic, also campaigning for a council seat, as he did in 2014, and Aldo DiCarlo, campaigning for a second term as Mayor, all agreeing to maintain the ‘poison pill’ clause should OPP or other service take over policing the Town of Amherstburg.

Ron Sutherland, former Deputy Mayor and 2014 Mayoral candidate is campaigning for a council seat.

Candidates have until July 27 to file nomination papers.