Accountability Begins At Home

Commentary by Linda Saxon

AM800 reported, As AM800 News first reported, Fryer called for “accountability” from the decision makers in charge of giving the green or red light to school buses during poor weather.

CTV News reported, Councillor Rick Fryer brought forward a motion looking for school board reps and the bus company to come before council — and be prepared to answer questions regarding the decision-making process regarding whether buses run or not during inclement weather.

Fryer told CTV News his motion would have forced accountability to taxpayers.

I have contacted all members of this council about concerns within its decision making authority:

  • policing costs
  • the police costing process
  • the lack of concern about accessibility
  • accessibility at Bellevue House
  • a Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy breach
  • the timeliness of information from town hall
  • the lack of snow plows
  • the town’s official plan
  • public input regarding trails
  • outdated municipal policies
  • granting public funds to organizations with barriers to inclusion, either on their websites and/or to their buildings

Not once has Councillor Fryer responded to me.

He also never answered any of the residents’ 40 questions to the then-candidates through the burg watch in 2014.

But during the 2014 election campaign write up in the River Town Times, he said that, if elected, he will provide black-and-white answers to questions that residents pose.

Really? When? Will promises of accountability reappear during this year’s election campaign?

More Comments on $12,000.00 Poll From Members of Council

Members of Amherstburg Town Council were advised of the Poll results that indicated 75% felt council should not have spent $12,000.00 on the law firm.

Additionally, I offered my personal opinion: “has council established a precedent whereby it acts on someone’s suggestion and/or offer? an RFP should have been issued. regardless, if we can afford to spend $12,000.00 on what might prove to be a duplicate process, then there is money to spend on improved accessibility at the town hall, truly making the town’s website accessible, and offering increased accessibility through internet voting.”

In addition to Councillor Leo Meloche’s response, the following replied.

Councillor Rick Fryer: Thank you.

Councillor Diane Pouget did not comment on accessibility improvements, but responded: Thanks Linda.  I stand by my decision. Please feel free to call if you wish to discuss.

Mayor Aldo DiCarlo:  Since my voting position has been covered by all of the area’s media outlets, I don’t think I need to get into it again.  Council has made a democratic decision and I am obligated, as the Mayor, to move that decision forward.

This voting process does not provide for any precedent that I am aware of.  Council is still bound by the procedural by-law in place.

The Town continues to work towards a fully accessible website.  It remains a priority that will require funding to accomplish.

Although I know these comments don’t explicitly answer your questions, I hope it provides some more clarity of Council’s actions.

Commentary by Linda Saxon