Sutton On Police Contract Negotiations

It has been two weeks since Candidates and current Police Services Board Members Cleminson, Gemmell, and Sutton were asked to confirm/deny that police contract negotiations are underway and whether a consultant was hired to negotiate the new contract on behalf of the board.

Board Chair John Sutton’s written response to my correspondence to the Board is:

“An initial meeting has been schedule for negotiations for the collective agreement; and No decision has been made to hire a consultant at this time.” note: typos are not mine.

Candidates/current APSB members Cleminson, Gemmell and Sutton have not answered any questions submitted by readers pertaining to this or any other topic.

Candidates Cleminson, Gemmell, Sutton Given Opportunity To Confirm/Deny Police Contract Negotiations Underway

Three candidates for council, currently Amherstburg Police Services Board members, have been given an opportunity to respond to inquiries about the Amherstburg police contract; specifically, if “negotiations are underway for a new collective agreement for amherstburg police service” and if “a consultant has been hired to negotiate the new contract on behalf of the board and if so, if there was a competitive process and if there was, i’d like an electronic copy of the notice/advertisement for a consultant.”