Location And Name Change of Financial Review Session

The town’s website states the September 11, 2014 Workshop has been moved from the board room to Council Chambers and it is now called a Special Council Meeting; the agenda, in the usual confusing manner, is posted to an external link.

Public interest in the town’s civic and financial matters has grown to the point where it is ‘standing room only’ at the town hall. Shame on council for not holding such meetings at the Libro Centre where large crowds can easily be accommodated, including providing room for persons with disabilities, and for not advertising this meeting sooner.

Commentary by Linda Saxon

Public Meeting A Lynching?

As reported in an August 12 River Town Times article by jcharron:

Council agreed to work with Deloitte and town administration to deal with the implementation of the 41 recommendations. Council will also sit down with Deloitte to discuss the recommendations, one that Brindle suggested should be done in public session. Council members sparred over a second public meeting to discuss the issue with residents with Pouget originally suggesting two weeks, then a month. However, that motion was withdrawn until council has their meeting with Deloitte first.

“I don’t think it’s a bad idea to take it to the people of this town,” said Councillor Bart DiPasquale.

Sutton said his motion to implement the 41 recommendations stood as is with Councillor Carolyn Davies fearing the meeting could devolve into a “pissing match” like the “lynching” at the Essex Power public meeting. Davies said the meeting had to be “thoughtful” with council having to get a better grasp of the report.

Pillon agreed that more time was needed to meet with Deloitte and get a handle on the recommendations.

“You might as well have a meeting that makes sense, not a lynching,” he said.