Councillor Leo Meloche’s Comment on $12,000.00 Poll

Members of Amherstburg Town Council were advised of the Poll results that indicated 75% felt council should not have spent $12,000.00 on the law firm.

Additionally, I offered my personal opinion: “has council established a precedent whereby it acts on someone’s suggestion and/or offer? an RFP should have been issued. regardless, if we can afford to spend $12,000.00 on what might prove to be a duplicate process, then there is money to spend on improved accessibility at the town hall, truly making the town’s website accessible, and offering increased accessibility through internet voting.”

Councillor Leo Meloche did not comment on accessibility improvements, but responded: “Polling questions can be formulated to achieve a desired result. The question should have been … Are you agreeable with a Council’s decision to mount an opposition against the proposal that involves the potential closing of the high school in our town. I will make no further comment on the issue. I stand by my decision.”

I replied to Meloche: “your question could have been asked prior to council’s decision and maybe if the town’s website becomes accessible after my asking for it for 12 years, council could post its own polls.

since i asked for input after council’s decision, your question is moot.”

Commentary by Linda Saxon

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